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Web Video Shows Safe Use of Marine Safety Products

One of the world’s leading marine distress signals brands is using the Internet to provide safety instruction. Pains Wessex has uploaded detailed video clips on its website demonstrating how to handle and use its extensive range of marine distress signals safely.

Product manager, Keith Bradford, who is featured in the webcast, says, “It is vital that anyone who might use our products, from commercial ship officers to fishermen and individual sailors, knows the correct way to operate them. Now, wherever they are in the world, they can log onto our website, 24 hours a day, and view every product being fired in each stage of operation.

“This is the next best thing to physically firing a signal yourself, which can be difficult to organise, as it is an offence to fire a distress signal (if not actually in distress) without proper organisation and prior permission from relevant authorities, such as the coastguard and police.

“This is just the latest in a series of measures as part of our ongoing commitment to safety and training.”

The video shows how to use each of the Pains Wessex products, including the Para Red rocket, red hand flares, orange hand smoke, floating orange smoke, white hand flares, combination flares, and compact and personal distress signals. It also includes a helpful sound commentary.

Pictorial and written operating instructions, plus specifications and safety advice, are marked on each product.

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