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SMM 08 Visitors to See Full Range of Marine Distress Signals from Leading Brand, Pains Wessex

Visitors to the Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology (SMM 08) trade fair in Hamburg will be able see a full range of products from Chemring Marine’s leading marine distress signals brand, Pains Wessex. The exhibition from 23-26 September also provides an opportunity for visitors to meet the Pains Wessex team and see the impressive range of marine distress signals for themselves.

The range offers new styling, size and method of operation. The hand signals are more compact, being designed mainly for use in life rafts, where stowage space is always at an absolute premium. Therefore, compared to previous products, this saves vital space in rafts.

All applicable Pains Wessex products – Red Handflare Mk8, Para Red Rocket Mk8, Buoysmoke Mk2, Manoverboard 360 and Linethrower 250 – conform to the stringent Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) standards and have gained Marine Equipment Directive (MED) approval, along with other national approvals when required, such as USCG and Japanese MOT.

The Red Handflare Mk8 demonstrates the development of technology and product styling now available. A compact flare, which is ideal for storage on a boat or within a liferaft, features an ergonomically designed grip handle with unique telescopic design. To operate, the user holds the flare where indicated by the grip ribbing at the bottom, and extends fully the telescopic section. A screw top at the ignition end of the flare is removed, and users grasp a small ball and pull to ignite the flare. After a 2s safety delay, the flare ignites and burns for a minimum of 60s, producing a bright red 15,000 candela light.

The Red Handflare is for short range signalling use in day or night-time, and is used in an emergency onboard commercial and leisure vessels. The similar White Handflare is used for collision warning, signalling and illumination.

The Para Red Rocket Mk8 is designed to attract attention at long range, firing a 30,000 candela red flare to a minimum of 300m altitude. The signal burns for 40s, suspended under a parachute. It follows a similar operating design as the Red Handflare Mk8. Users grip where the ribbing indicates at the bottom of the flare (holding the flare upright with the red end down), remove the screw cap, and grasp the ball, which is then pulled to ignite the rocket.

A key benefit from the Para Red Rocket Mk8 design is the reduced recoil – making it easier to fire, even in traumatic or stressful situations. It is designed for day or night time use, and is used in an emergency by both commercial and leisure vessels.

Also available in the range is Lifesmoke Mk8 ange for day-time use. This signal provides a dense orange smoke, for a minimum of 3min, used to indicate position and wind direction (a great aid for helicopter pilots) during a search and rescue operation. Again, the product is a significantly more compact design than the previous model and features a flat, peel off top cap, which facilitates stowage and packing. To operate the product, the cap is removed to access the friction wire firing mechanism. Once pulled, there is a 2s delay to allow the signal to be thrown into the water safely.

Other products in the SOLAS range include the Manoverboard 360, an orange smoke and two candela signal, which far exceeds SOLAS/MED requirements. These are mounted either side of a ship’s bridge wing.

There is a similar Buoysmoke Mk2 without the lights. This is for use instead of the Light and Smoke Signal on USA and Japanese flag vessels, which require 15h lights instead of the standard SOLAS 2h requirement.

Also on show are the Linethrower 250 devices, which are self contained, single shot, 250m line throwing appliances that are fully compliant to the latest international SOLAS/MED and USCG legislation, and meet worldwide approval standards. Ships have to carry four Linethrowers.

These products are manufactured in compliance with the latest International SOLAS MED and ISO requirements. PW products are supported and available worldwide through a network of qualified distributors.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to see some of the leisure products in the range, including the handsmokes, Day and Night Mk8, plus the newly launched Personal and Compact Distress Signal kits.

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