Caterpillar Marine Power Systems has launched gplink, a new satellite/cellular-based tracking, monitoring and notification system for Cat-powered yachts and vessels.

The new system monitors engine operating parameters and engine diagnostic codes, as well as on-board critical systems like bilge levels, fire alarms, low batteries and power interruption.

According to Caterpillar, gplink can offer immediate notification via e-mail, SMS, and/or phone of any critical alarm or emergency situation.

gplink uses dual-band technology with GSM communications, as well as the Iridium satellite system, to provide worldwide vessel coverage.

The new system’s ‘geo-fence’ feature enables the vessel operator to set up a precise boundary within which the boat should be operating or docked, and if there is any unauthorised movement outside that boundary an immediate notification will be sent to the vessel operator.

Caterpillar technical staff will support gplink’s monitoring of a vessel’s critical engine parameters and they can also access any fault codes or operating conditions, review a vessel’s alarm status, and troubleshoot any engine conditions. The system eliminates the need for a service technician’s traditional preliminary visit to a vessel.

gplink also records all account data, which can be referred to at any time by the vessel owner.

The vessel owner can receive reports and monthly updates on scheduled maintenance, alarms received during the month, a complete engine diagnostic report, and updates from the vessel manufacturer.