The Cloud-based MACS3 API services provide access to relevant vessel information to be seamlessly integrated into the company’s IT environment and in operational processes.

MACS3 API Services are available for:

  • Stability – to get access to the relevant stability and strength calculations based on class-approved vessel profiles
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) – to integrate DG calculations according to the vessel’s Document of Compliance and/or IMDG segregation
  • Lashing – to check lashing calculations including the latest regulations by all major classification societies
  • Condition Check – to check loading conditions according to well established MACS3 loading computer standards

For technical documentation, Swagger open source including usage examples and SDK source code samples at GitHub, help external developers to seamlessly integrate the MACS3 APIs into their IT environment.

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MACS3 API Services

When key calculation results of loading computers such as stability are available independent of its...