Warsila dive

Wartsila has been selected by Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design to design and develop a new type of deep water dive support vessel to be built for China’s state-owned Shanghai Salvage Bureau (SSB).

The Wartsila design comes with a combination of capabilities, including deep water (6,000m) salvage operations, deep water pipe laying and construction work, and saturation (SAT) diving operations for 24 divers using two diving bells.

SAT diving is a technique, which enables divers to cut down the risk of decompression sickness when working at great depths for long periods of time.

All the features of the design are based on one platform operating with DP3, considered to be the highest class of dynamic positioning.

Once built, this is claimed to be the world’s first SAT diving support vessel with multi-lay and ultra deep water construction capabilities.

Wärtsilä Marine Solutions ship design vice president Riku-Pekka Hägg said: "For a complex vessel design such as this involving the needed sub-sea equipment, both extensive experience and broad know-how are absolutely essential.

"Wärtsilä was selected because of our strengths in both these areas.

"This contract highlights once again the value of the proven, sophisticated, and integrated system designs that Wärtsilä produces for the global marine market."

"The new vessel will certainly be the most sophisticated asset in our fleet."

SSB Deep Diving Technology Development Center director Huang Yan said: "The new vessel will certainly be the most sophisticated asset in our fleet.

"It will carry out operations in very deep waters and in often difficult conditions.

"We believe the Wärtsilä design will meet all our requirements for successful operations."

Wartsila, earlier last month, had partnered with Cavotec to start developing the world’s first combined induction charging and automatic mooring concept.

Image: A graphical description of Wartsila build deep water dive support vessel. Photo: courtesy of Wärtsilä.