The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation in Mumbai has said an oil leakage, caused by the Mumbai Uran Trunk oil pipeline 80km off the Mumbai Coast in India, has stopped.

ONGC said the cleaning of the area with high-pressure jets is underway and it will ascertain the extent of damage.

The company has prepared a short and long-term action plan to repair the broken pipeline.

Short-term repairs will be completed in a week while long-term repairs may take longer depending on the availability of long lead materials.

The company said the most probable reason of the leak is the fouling of anchor wire rope used in the construction of barge in the vicinity.

Oil production has since resumed at the Mumbai High offshore oilfield by diverting oil to the ICP Heera Uran Trunk pipeline.

The loss of production was around 25,000bopd on the day of the pipeline burst.