Canary Island shipping line Naviera Armas has received its new vessel Volcan del Teide from Spain’s HJ Barreras shipyard.

The €120m ($162m) passenger ferry has a propulsion power of 33,600KW, which is provided by four seven-cylinder 48 / 60CR engines from MAN Diesel & Turbo.

The MAN medium-speed engines will enable the vessel to reach a speed of 24kts in service. It recorded a top speed of 26kts during sea trials.

The ferry’s propulsion plant also features MAN Diesel & Turbo’s common-rail fuel-injection system, which allows the flexible adjustment of the timing, duration and injection pressure for each cylinder.

With an overall length of 175.7m, Volcan del Teide has a freight capacity of 2,010 lane-metres distributed between nine decks. It will be assigned to the Canary Islands-Madeira-Portimao (Portugal) route.

The new ferry is the first of two such newbuildings with MAN engines that Naviera Armas ordered from HJ Barreras in 2007. The second is due to enter service this year.