Alewijnse Marine Systems will design and install a new electric propulsion drive using a DC bus system for the main electric installation of three vessels.

The vessels will be designed by Vuyk Engineering Groningen and built at Shipkits to serve an offshore service role.

The vessels will be 351ft in length and have a beam of 52.5ft. The bow will contain the accommodation with extensive work decks located aft.

The first vessel will be delivered to Jaguar Shipping in March 2012 while the remaining vessels will be delivered to Abis Shipping later in 2012.

The vessels will have two independent propulsion systems – port and starboard.

Each system will be made up of a propulsion switchboard comprising three 500kW generators, one propulsion motor, one bow thruster motor, one rotating converter and a cool water circuit.

Alewijnse is designing the DC bus system with Vacon, according to