The Swan Hunter shipyard’s last cranes and dry dock departed from the Tyne in North East England to India’s Bharati Shipyard (BSL) after 145 years of service.

The complex operation of dismantling and loading the equipment on to a specialist heavy-lifting vessel, the Osprey, meant that part of river bed needed to be dredged and took several months of planning.

In April 2007, The Swan Hunters Shipyard sold the cranes, floating dock and other equipment at the company’s yard in Wallsend, North Tyneside to Indian-based BSL.

Swan Hunter is an internationally renowned yard that built over 1,600 ships, including more than 400 naval vessels.

The shipyard has created a wide range of vessels including the RMS Carpathia, which rescued the passengers from the Titanic, and HMS Illustrious, a Royal Navy light aircraft carrier.

BSL is India’s second largest private-sector ship building company and will use the equipment for its existing yards and Greenfield projects.

By staff writer