The Australian Government has added Port Bonython in South Australia to its list of priority developments as part of its infrastructure spending plan announced in this week’s Budget.

Port Bonython, near Whyalla, which has been opened to Commonwealth funding, will be developed as one of the national ports strategy’s priority list, along with 35 other projects.

Infrastructure Australia has analysed more than 1,000 national projects, earmarking the ones it deems most important for Australia’s long-term economic development.

Mineral resources company Western Plains Resources – potential users of the bulk commodity export facility – says it is confident the inclusion will lead to a contribution from the Commonwealth, according to the AdelaideNow news channel.

Oakajee Port in Western Australia was also been granted more money in Tuesday’s federal Budget as a result of its inclusion on the list.

The Australian Government this week earmarked A$8.5bn for railway, roads and ports as it prepares to embark on one of the biggest building programmes in Australian history to combat the global financial downturn.

The government has outlined a vast array of projects to improve the quality and efficiency of transport, communications, education and health networks, building on $A52bn worth of economic stimulus measures announced since September when the economy began to stall.

By staff writer