German ship propulsion specialist Voith Turbo Marine Engineering has launched an advanced design for a multifunctional tug with a 70t bollard pull.

Belonging to the T-Class, the Voith Water Tractor (VWT) features a 1,100t displacement, a 13.5kt maximum speed and two type 32R5/265-2 Voith Schneider Propellers.

The VWT is 34.6m in length and 12.8m in width, and has a raised bow for open-sea operation.

The tug can operate as a water tractor as well as a classic harbour tug.

Voith Turbo is also developing another ship design concept the Voith Power Tractor that will feature a 150t bollard pull and 50m length.

Voith Turbo chief executive officer Stefan Moyé said that the VPT would feature two VSPs and would be able to handle high transit speeds.