Kuwaiti marine and land equipment firm Seas and Deserts has received three landing craft from shipbuilding company Strategic Marine Australia.

The 12.9m-long aluminium ships feature a 4m beam, 0.45m draught and can handle a 5t payload or a high mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle.

The ships have a 28kt cruising speed and can a range of nearly 380 nautical miles completely loaded. Two 300 horsepower V8, Yamaha outboard motors with 40kt speed at lightship supply power to the vessels, the company said.

The landing craft will run between Kuwait and nearby islands in the Arabian Gulf area, and will be deployed to transfer light equipment and vehicles across the region.

The vessels were designed by Strategic Marine and Southerly Designs.

Strategic Marine is also working on another order for Seas and Deserts that involves two landing craft with a maximum capacity for 20 passengers.

The vessels will be powered by two 350hp V6 outboard motors and are projected to have a 30kt speed at full load.