An escape slide system for small to medium-sized ships and high-speed crafts has been developed by France-based Zodiac Solas to evacuate more passengers in less time.

The Marine Evacuation System-Medium Inflatable Slide (MES MIS) double track slide is capable of evacuating nearly 731 passengers in 30min when fitted to a Zodiac 150 person canopy life raft.

The system is suitable for a wide range of vessels including high-speed craft governed by the HSC Code, small passenger vessels operating in national waters, military vessels and ro-ro ferries.

When used with the company’s open reversible inflatable 151-person open life raft, the system can help around 397 passengers escape in 17min.

The evacuation system designed by Zodiac, is deployed at right angles to the ship’s side and is available in four sizes covering freeboard installations from 4.7 to 9.3m.