Global ship-scrapping orders, including demolitions, have reached 700, double 2008 figures.

According to EBM Shipbroking, nearly 60 vessels of 2.44 million tonnes were sold for scrapping in October.

In the first ten months, 132 tankers and combination carriers of 8.02 million tonnes have been sold, compared to 149 of 6.01 million in 2008.

In 2009, the figure of dry-cargo/miscellaneous vessels hit 582 with 14.76 million tonnes, surpassing 219 of 2.52 million a year ago.

In tonnage terms, 714 vessels of 22.79 million tonnes ordered in 2009 doubled the figure of 368 ships of 8.53 million logged a year earlier.

Allied Shipbroking puts the overall total this year at 740 ships of 23.98 million tonnes, double the 362 vessels of 13.21 million it recorded throughout the whole of 2008.