The Port of Fujairah in the UAE will ban single-hull oil tankers for anchorage from next year, according to port officials.

No single-hull ships would be allowed in the port or anchorage from 1 January, according to port harbour master Tamer Masoud, writes Bloomberg.

The decision by the port could lead to the global scrapping of single-hull oil tankers, as the European Union has called the ship design “more accident-prone” in 2003.

The Middle East accounts for nearly a third of global oil output and Fujairah is the most common regional refuelling point for ships carrying crude from the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia.

About 90 super tankers, or 17% of the fleet, have single hulls, according to Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay data.

The IMO also plans to implement a global ban on single-hull tankers from next year.

About three-quarters of all single-hull supertankers have called at Fujairah in the past year, according to ship-tracking data on Bloomberg.