Norwegian energy firm Statoil ASA, formerly StatoilHydro, is reducing shipping costs and carbon emissions from its supply ships.

The energy giant said it will reduce emissions by making changes to the speed and route of 20 of its fleet.

By reducing speed from 15 to 12kt, a single trip to oil and gas fields in Statfjord, Kvitebjoern and Veslefrikk will cut ship CO2 emissions by nearly 6t, or 1,900t a year.

Nearly 90% of the company’s emissions are generated by shipping vessels, Statoil said.

Statoil has also set environmental standards for ships on long-term contracts, requiring them to have catalytic converters or similar technology, to cut nitrogen oxide emissions.

The energy conglomerate is also planning to fuel its vessels with liquefied natural gas which cuts carbon emissions by 20%, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 90%.