Nautical service provider Royal Dirkzwager is planning to use a monitoring system that tracks real-time ship movement.

The Dutch firm will use Apama software to analyse data to inform ships to speed up or slow down to ensure there is a berth to unload, the BBC reports.

Royal Dirkzwager logistics manager and ICT Paul Wieland said the system monitors the journey of a ship to make sure it is going to a port that has available berth space to accommodate that ship.

”By following a ship we know when it’s passed through the Suez Canal and we can see it’s going to arrive one day early and that berth will not be free until the next day,” Wieland said

“If it’s too early you can, for example, slow it down instead of burning fuel and arriving too early and taking up anchor space outside the harbour.”

The company said the system will monitor the ship movements every few seconds rather than once a day.