Finnish firm Wärtsilä said it will “commit” to three environmental promises related to its operations in the Baltic Sea, as part of an effort to reduce pollution.

Under the first commitment and for five vessels operating in the Baltic Sea on a continuous basis, the company said it will offer a pollution-free shaft seal for the main propeller shafts on installation of a Wärtsilä Scrubber.

Secondly, Wärtsilä said it will set up a ‘Consultancy Service Concept’ for charterers, ship owners, classification societies, authorities and other stakeholders to increase environmental understanding and provide methods for reducing the sea’s pollution levels.

Finally, the company will include extensive environmental training in the company’s Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy training centres for ship operators, shipping management companies and crew members to increase awareness.

The plans were announced at the recently held Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki, Finland.