Wind power and electric grid firm AMSC will supply its high-temperature superconductor (HTS) wire for Europe’s power-optimised ship for environment with electric innovation designs onboard (POSE2IDON) project.

POSE2IDON is a €20m project, funded by the European Union, that aims to improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of Europe’s commercial shipping fleet through the use of HTS rotating machines and distribution networks.

AMSC said that large-scale motor and generator demonstrators using its HTS wire are expected to be manufactured and tested by the end of 2013.

POSEIDON coordinator Chris Hodge said: "The technologies developed in this project will enhance cargo space availability and efficiency on electric ships, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions."

The company said that due to the large-power density advantages of the HTS wire, cables can carry up to ten times as much power as traditional copper-based conductors, while rotating machines can be reduced to less than half the size and weight of conventional machines.

AMSC president and CEO Daniel McGahn said: "In the maritime industry, superconductors can be applied to a range of systems, such as motors, generators, power cables and protection systems, freeing up precious cargo space, enhancing ship defence and reducing energy consumption, fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions."

AMSC, which provides HTS rotating machinery and produces second generation superconductor wire, has designed, built and tested a variety of HTS rotating machines, including a 36.5MW HTS ship propulsion motor.