Applied Weather Technology (AWT), a California-based provider of fleet optimisation services and Bon Voyage System (BVS) software onboard voyage management software, has integrated its BVS system with ADMIRALTY e-Navigator, a PC application developed by United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) allowing users to easily make passage planning.

BVS is a graphical marine voyage optimisation system that provides on-board and round-the-clock weather-routing information, whereas ADMIRALTY e-Navigator organises, updates, and displays all the information needed to plan safe voyages and simplify essential tasks.

The integration between the two will allow users to employ the BVS system to optimise a voyage based on weather constraints to find the safest route and then display the track in e-Navigator to validate whether the vessel has all the required updated charts and nautical publications on board.

When the track is processed in e-Navigator, it can be passed to the onboard ECDIS system to confirm that the track is safe for navigation.

AWT CEO Haydn Jones said the company is committed to helping its clients attain both time and fuel efficiency.

"The seamless integration of the track transfer between BVS and e-Navigator will help captains find the most efficient route while making the passage planning process easier and less time-consuming," Jones added.

ADMIRALTY e-Navigator senior product manager Nick Hyam said, "The UKHO is pleased to be working with AWT, the acknowledged leader in voyage management software, to provide the navigator with a seamless voyage planning and route optimisation solution which delivers real benefits in terms of cost and time-saving."