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Switzerland-based engineering firm Cavotec has secured an order from global power and automation firm ABB to provide 20 compact marine propulsion slip ring (MPS ) units to be fitted on its Azipod marine propulsion systems.

Cavotec expects to deliver the MPS units to ABB at the beginning of the second quarter of 2013.

Cavotec Shanghai managing director Gustavo Miller said: "Cavotec and ABB have a long-standing relationship spanning several areas, including advanced ship propulsion technologies."

The Cavotec MPS units allow vessel propellers to rotate through 360 degrees on their vertical axes to navigate freely in any direction.

The MPS units also ensure the safe transmission of electrical power for the main motors and auxiliary services including power, control and data signals, as well as hydraulic oil, water and compressed air, according to Cavotec.

Several cruise liners and container ships, special service vessels such as icebreakers and coast guard ships, and offshore platforms use the new MPS ring units.

Image: Cavotec’s MPS ring units will be fitted to ABB’s Azipod marine propulsion systems, which reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Photo: ABB.