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China-based Cosco Guangdong Shipyard has won a $54m contract from Netherlands-based shipowner Vroon Offshore Services to build two platform supply vessels (PSVs).

Scheduled to be delivered in 2015, the two new PX121-type PSVs will be operated in European waters by Vroon Offshore Services.

The vessels will have a length of 83.4m, breadth of 18m, depth of 8m and maximum-draft deadweight of 4,200t.

With a maximum/design draught of 6.7m / 6m, the vessels will have 850m² of cargo deck area, deck load of 2,300t and a top speed of 14.5 knots.

The contract allows Vroon to exercise an option for two additional PSVs at the same prices within six months.

According to Vroon, Cosco is currently building four livestock carriers for the company at the same shipyard.

Earlier in January 2013, Vroon placed an order for a new subsea support vessel (SSV) at Fujian Southeast Shipyard in China.

The new vessel, to be christened VOS Sugar, is a modern SSV with retractable thruster and super-silent tunnel thruster.

VOS Sugar is scheduled to be delivered in early 2015 for operation by Vroon Offshore Services.

The vessel follows the delivery of two other SSVs, VOS Shine and VOS Sweet, built for Vroon at the shipyard in 2012.

Image: Vroon’s two new PX121-type PSVs will be delivered from Cosco Guangdong Shipyard in China in 2015. Credit: Vroon Offshore Services