Ferus Smit shipyard in Westerbroek, Netherlands has launched the m/v Volgaborg, the third in a series of three multipurpose cargo ships built for Wagenborg Shipping.

All three vessels have a length of 142.65m, breadth of 15.87m, depth of 7.7m and will be capable of carrying 12,000 dwt of cargo.

With a hold volume of around 503,500ft³ the vessels are the largest ever launched along the Winschoterdiep canal.

The Volgaborg and the second vessel in the series, m/v Vlieborg, are fitted with a single 3,000kW main engine coupled with a ducted propeller, while the first ship, m/v Vikingbank, is equipped with a 4,000kW engine and an open propeller.

Features of the Volgaborg include a ‘bulbless’ bow shape that offers a number of green advantages, while the vessel’s longer and sharper waterlines produce less resistance, irrespective of loading draft.

Ferus Smit said the shape of the vessel generates additional deadweight and cargo volume within her absolute dimensions.

According to the company, the sharper bow waterlines will cut more gradually through waves compared to flared bows, meaning less speed loss when weather conditions deteriorate.

The slight negative stem angle of the vessel is expected to work to its advantage when breaking through ice sheets, the company said.

Image: Wagenborg’s third cargo vessel Volgaborg has a length of 142.65m and is capable of carrying 12,000 deadweight tons of cargo. Photo: Ferus Smit.