Flensburger-Jun 15

German shipbuilding firm Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) has signed a contract with WesternGeco, a globally operating seismic company, for the construction of two offshore ships.

WesternGeco will utilise the two offshore vessels for worldwide operation in the location and exploitation of seabed oil and gas reserves.

FSG managing director Peter Sierk said the company has succeeded in penetrating this sector, which is a new and important field of business for it.

"Our proven contract and delivery reliability, absolute quality and worldwide reputation as well as our ability to react swiftly and competently to the demands of the customer were the decisive factors in winning the contract," Sierk said.

"We have repeatedly stressed that the FSG can only survive if it succeeds in broadening its pallet of activities," Sierk said.

The ships will be designed for seismic operations worldwide, including the Arctic regions and in the most adverse weather conditions. Construction of the ships will bring in jobs for more than 700 people.

FSG said that the 127m long vessels will be delivered in 2014.

The company recently received new orders from Oceanex and Rolldock for ConRo ferries and cargo ships, respectively, and is hiring new engineers to meet work demands for the orders.

FSG expects further new orders in the ro-ro and ro-pax sectors in the near future, which is expected to strengthen its position in this market.

Image: The 127m long offshore ship will be utilised for location and exploitation of seabed oil and gas reserves. Photo: Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft