Hyundai mini shipbuilding robot

South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has unveiled new mini welding robots for the construction of ships.

The compact design of the new welding machine can operate in confined areas that are not accessible to human welders.

When the welding arm is retracted, the robot measures 50cm by 30cm by 15cm, while its six joints will help in performing almost all types of welding work at a similar speed of a human welder.

According to HHI, an operator can manage three of the mini robots at one time, increasing productivity threefold.

The machine weighs 15kg and is equipped with a magnet on its body that allows the machine to be attached to steel walls or ceilings.

With the installation of software for steel cutting, blasting and painting, the robot can perform other shipbuilding tasks.

HHI also intends to develop the robots to be used for the construction of onshore/offshore facilities and construction equipment.

The South Korean shipbuilder expects to start using the new mobile welding robots for the construction of vessels from the second half of 2013.

Image: HHI’s engineers testing newly developed mini welding shipbuilding robot. Photo: Hyundai Heavy Industries.