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Kongsberg Norcontrol IT (KNC) has entered into a five-year contract with the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) to develop and create a new national vessel traffic service (VTS) system.

Under the deal, the existing VTS systems at Horten, Brevik, Kvitsøy, Fedje and Vardø will be replaced, and a new VTS simulation centre will be established with simulator systems supplied by Kongsberg Maritime .

Kongsberg ‘s simulator system will be able to display both a simulated and live VTS traffic image.

The new VTS system will use Kongsberg Norcontrol IT ‘s maritime surveillance solution ‘C-Scope’, first delivered to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore in 2011.

KNC senior project manager Fred Fredriksen said the C-Scope system for NCA will build upon the VTS system in Singapore.

"The Norwegian VTS will be a highly reliable, adaptive and future-proof maritime surveillance system, delivered on time and capable of 24/7 operation at all sites," Fredriksen said.

The new VTS system will offer satellite-based earth observation data fully integrated with terrestrial RADAR, AIS, and electro-optic sensors, while the C-Scope makes sure that the operator won’t be distracted by non-critical data, according to Kongsberg.

The system also provides autonomous radar data processing and automatic clutter suppression without the need for manual fine-tuning.

The Norwegian VTS will also feature improved, adaptive decision support and communication tools as well as remote traffic display for mobile devices, 3D traffic visualisation and an integrated chat client.

The new VTS simulation system will initially be installed at the NCA regional office in Haugesund, which is the national centre for VTS competence.

Kongsberg Maritime simulation sales manager Norway Tone-Merete Hansen said procedure and emergency training is vital to increase operational safety and efficiency.

"With simulators based on and integrated with the real systems, Kongsberg can provide the ‘full picture’, supporting the strict training requirements for VTS operators and help to ensure high competence throughout the organisation," Hansen said.

The new Norwegian VTS will be installed and operational by 2018 at the regional VTS centres of Horten, Kvitsøy, Brevik, Fedje, and Vardø to conduct local training.

Image: The new Norwegian system will be installed at the regional VTS centres of Horten, Kvitsøy, Brevik, Fedje, and Vardø by 2018. Photo: Kongsberg Maritime.