Ukraine-based crewing firm Lerus has opened a new training centre in Odessa, Ukraine, equipped with the latest offshore vessel simulator from the Norweigan company Kongsberg.

The new training centre, which has been set up to meet the growing training demand in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and other European countries, is the first facility in Ukraine to provide fully-integrated offshore vessel operations training.

Featuring a 240-degree field of view, the new Kongsberg Offshore Vessel Simulator will provide life-like visuals that will increase realism in various training scenarios.

The training scenarios are based on the courses for handling of ships like AHTS, OSV, ROV, DSV, VLCC and MPSV, dynamic positioning, crane operations (stage 1, 2, 3), anchor handling and towing/rig move.

The new simulator will also provide complete vessel training where different teams may interact within the same exercise.

Kongsberg’ K-Pos Dynamic Positioning Simulator has been integrated alongside its offshore crane simulator to simulate a deck-mounted knuckle-boom crane or a wire-luffing lattice pedestal crane for platform lifting operations.

The company has also delivered a standalone crane simulator for training on harbour operations.

Lerus Training Centre managing director Ruslan Gromovenko said: "Investment in the new training facility and inclusion of the most sophisticated offshore vessel simulator available today will help us to maintain a strong position in the market by supplying crew with high levels of training and competence for the oil and gas industry worldwide."

Eight instructors, who are currently working as dynamic positioning operators offshore, will carry out the courses on the offshore vessel simulator at the new training centre.

Image: Lerus’ new training centre in Ukraine will provide fully-integrated offshore vessel operations training. Credit: Kongsberg.