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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has signed an agreement with Imabari Shipbuilding to license the production and marketing of deck machinery based on MHI’s technology.

The deal will help MHI broaden its market share of deck machinery based on it’s technology, and Imabari will be able to expand its business through deck machinery production.

The production of deck machinery based on MHI’s technology is expected to start in April 2013. Imabari is planning to produce the deck machinery at its facility in Dalian Imaoka Shipbuilding, a ship block manufacturing plant, which the company has established in Dalian, China.

The licensed deck machineries include several configuration types and can be used in all vessels. Under the deal, MHI will supply hydraulic pumps and motors, used to drive the machinery.

The deck machinery comprises anchor windlasses that are used for anchoring and anchor hoisting, and mooring winches which are used to moor a vessel to a pier or berthing facilities.

In 2008, MHI licensed its deck crane technology to Jiangsu Masada, and granted the company production and marketing of steering gears and deck machinery in the spring of 2012.

In March 2012, the company also signed a deal with Chinese Jiangsu Masada Heavy Industries for the licensing of the production and marketing of steering gears and deck machinery. Under the agreement, Jiangsu Masada will be able to build three types of hydraulic marine machineries in China.

The deal will also see MHI supply the hydraulic equipments used to drive the machinery, while the steering gear and deck machinery technologies to be licensed are for small and medium-sized under-Panamax vessels.

Image: The production of licensed MHI deck machinery by Imabari Shipbuilding is scheduled to start in April 2013. Photo: MHI