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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has signed an agreement with China-based Jiangsu Masada Heavy Industries to license the production and marketing of steering gears and deck machinery based on the companies technology.

Under the deal, Jiangsu Masada will be able to build three types of hydraulic marine machineries in China.

MHI will supply the hydraulic equipments used to drive the machinery, while the steering gear and deck machinery technologies to be licensed are for small and medium-sized under-Panamax vessels.

The first unit to be built under the licensing is scheduled to be completed by the year end, while Jiangsu Masada is planning to start operations of a new plant that has more than double the production capacity of its present facility.

In 2008, MHI had licensed deck crane technology to Jiangsu Masada, which was jointly established in 2005 by Masada Ironworks and Nantong Universal Machinery to build marine deck equipment under the name of Nantong Masada Ship Machinery.

After receiving the licensing for the deck crane technology from MHI, Jiangsu Masada has expanded its production and aims to build 200 marine deck equipment units this year.

Image: Deck machinery and steering gear technologies to be licensed by MHI will be used for small and medium-sized under-Panamax vessels. Photo: MHI