Cargotec subsidary Navis has unveiled the latest iteration of its terminal operating system (TOS), SPARCS N4 2.4, at the Navis World 2012 event.

Compared to the system’s previous versions, the new SPARCS N4 offers increased interoperability, supportability and flexibility for customers, the company said.

Navis VP of engineering Frank Kooijman said the company has improved the technology in the 2.4 update to simplify the inner workings of the SPARCS N4 platform.

"Upgrading to or adopting SPARCS N4 2.4 ensures that terminals are able to achieve a competitive advantage as the system infrastructure is easier to manage and can be more nimble to new initiatives requiring TOS support," Kooijman said.

SPARCS N4 2.4 provides enhanced TOS infrastructure, additional customs data, better monitoring, improved customisation support, greater flexibility, supportability and implementabilitym, as well as support for self-implemented TOS, according to Navis

The new TOS comes with an enterprise service bus (ESB) that uses Java Message Service (JMS) to enhance internal and external communications across terminal subsystems.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) improvements installed in the new TOS are intended to help terminals offer additional data that is required for customs and avoid costs and penalties that they may encounter without these changes.

The 2.4 upgrade integrates with systems monitoring software Hyperic to improve the monitoring capabilities and reliability of terminal operations.