Transas' Techsim 5000

Transas Marine has secured an order from Resolve Maritime Academy (RMA ) to provide its Techsim 5000 engine room simulators for its new high-tech simulation facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US.

Techsim 5000 along with RMA’s current Transas Full Mission Bridge Simulators will help in conducting a range of courses for training marine engineers, including operational and emergency procedures as well as crew resource management training.

The new engine simulation system will provide a high level of flexibility using a combination of real controls and the new Techsim 5000 touch screen technology, enabling RMA to increase its training effectiveness by simulating multiple engine platforms in the same full mission simulation spaces.

The multiple engine platforms include diesel electric, slow speed diesel, medium speed diesel and combined diesel or gas (CODOG).

Resolve Maritime Academy Simulator Group manager Dave Boldt said RMA will have the ability to train vessel crews as a complete team, by combining the engine and bridge simulators for integrated operation based on the latest Transas platforms.

"This includes real world communication issues and realistic scenarios that involve the entire ship operation, plus considerations and decision making problems that cannot be simulated without having the bridge and engine team working together," Boldt said.

Transas USA vice president Neil Bennett said that over the last five years, the company has invested in its engineering and technological simulators including direct investment in the product advancement.

"We now have the marine engine types simulated, and the ability to efficiently create further marine engine types, as well as detailed high-quality modeling, and instructor exercise and assessment tools, to meet the needs of any training centers facing new challenges related to marine engineering training," Bennett said.

Resolve Maritime Academy, the maritime training subsidiary of Resolve Marine Group , offers SAFETY and emergency response training needs of the maritime industry through its two groups including Fire & Safety and Simulation.

Fire & Safety specialises in shipboard fire, safety and hazardous materials response training, while simulation provides bridge safety and navigation training using a full mission bridge simulator, bridge wing and mini-bridges.

Image: Transas’ Techsim 5000 will allow RMA to increase its training by simulating multiple engine platforms in the same full mission simulation spaces. Photo: Transas.