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RWO, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, has won two contracts from Belgium’s Exmar and Canada-based Canfornav to deliver ballast water treatment systems.

Under the deal, RWO will deliver its CleanBallast system for four 36,000dwt bulk carriers being built at Yangfan shipyard for Canfornav.

RWO will also supply four CleanBallast units for the 38,000t LPG carriers built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyards for Exmar.

RWO director of sales & marketing Peter Wolf said the International Maritime Organization (IMO) convention for ballast water treatment will be a major issue on every shipowner’s desk in 2013.

"In our discussions with owners, managers, engineers and yards, we have seen that there is great attention, huge interest and focus on an established and proven technology, especially in a market such as ballast water treatment, which is overshadowed by some dark clouds," Wolf said.

CleanBallast features a two-stage treatment process that includes disk-filtration technology combined with electrochemical EctoSys disinfection, which helps provide better handling of ballast water.

DiskFilter helps remove particles, sediment and organisms that are larger than 55µm by means of mechanical filtration, which is followed by the EctoSys electrochemical cell that reduces the number of living organisms and disinfects the water before it reaches the ballast water tanks.

RWO recently secured an order from Canadian shipowner Seaspan to install the CleanBallast system on its SAVER-class container vessels.

RWO’s CleanBallast technology secured official approval from the German BSH in 2010, and was submitted for AMS and USCG approval in mid-2012.

Image: RWO will deliver its CleanBallast system for vessels of Canfornav and Exmar. Photo: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies.