SCANA Industrier’s subsidiary Scana Propulsion has signed two new contracts with STX OSV Trading and MAN Diesel for the delivery of new propulsion equipment to be installed on under-construction vessels.

Under the NOK30m ($5.21m) deal with STX , Scana will deliver a gear and controllable pitch (cp) hybrid propeller system with a control system for a new Iceman anchor handling tug supply vessel (AHTS).

Scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year, the vessel is a STX OSV AH12 built for multi role operations in harsh areas and arctic areas.

The cp propeller system offers constant engine rpm, which helps reduce emissions, enables the vessel to hold steady at dead slow speeds either in ahead or reverse mode, which enables smoother handling and also gives a better range of operational speed.

Earlier this month, STX OSV had signed a contract with Iceman to design and build an AHTS vessel which will have an overall length of 94m and beam of 24m.

Built on the AH 12 design, with wide beam and according to ice class, the vessel will be used for multi role operations in harsh and arctic areas.

The vessel’s hull will be delivered from STX OSV in Romania, while the AHTS is scheduled to be delivered from Norway in mid-2013.

As the contract with MAN Diesel, the company will supply a Scana Propulsion hybrid ACG 1080 2-speed reduction gear for the new trawler/seiner, owned by Norwegian shipowner, Herøyhav.

Equipment to the vessel is scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2012, while the hull will be built to Karstensens Design at Klaipeda Shipyard in Lithuania, and will be finally outfitted at Karstensens Skipsværft in Denmark.