Transas-FleetView Online

Transas Marine has introduced a new version of its FleetView Online web-based SSAS-tracking service, incorporating an enhanced user interface, object overlay and chart navigation controls.

The new FleetView Online version features an object overlay on the charts, which have been updated to improve visual appearance and user experience at lower scales.

The earlier toolbars have been removed and new navigation controls have been added to the chart display to enhance the service’s viewing ability.

The new version also includes a Google-style map slider bar to allow scaling via the charts in three ways: zoom slider, mouse wheel scroll or manual selection from the lower task bar.

The service has also added an option to hide the vessel information panel, which is located on the left of the display, to provide a full screen chart display for presentation views.

The upgraded service also includes layer options for ‘Show graticule’ and ‘Show gauge’ chart settings.

The offering has been updated with significant improvements to provide port service functionality, with which ports icons will be shown directly on the chart display.Users can select their preferred ports from the port information window.

With the new service, daily position report (DPR) messages can be forwarded in a National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA)-based format, which makes it easier to combine FleetView Online data with a shipping company’s monitoring programme.

The system’s new ‘vessel on map’ functionality features a small PNG image showing the vessel’s location in position reports, and SSAS alerts email and track history for the preceding week.

Image: Transas Marine’s new version of FleetView Online SSAS-tracking service includes a Google-style map slider bar to allow scaling via the charts. Credit: Transas Marine.