Industry leaders and the UK Government have launched a new maritime report at London International Shipping Week which is being conducted until 11 September.

Led by Maritime UK chairman Lord Mountevans, the study demonstrated the capabilities of the maritime industry that contribute to the UK economy and recommended measures to be implemented for efficient growth of the sector.

The UK maritime industry supports more than 113,000 jobs and 6,600 businesses, contributes at least £11bn to the economy.

UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: "London International Shipping Week is an opportunity to remind the world of the benefits Britain offers, whether it’s our world-leading ports, maritime business services or skilled workforce.

"Our maritime history is something Britain can be proud of, but the sector is taking us into the future."

The report recommended creating a ministerial working group to accelerate responses on maritime issues, set targets and monitor progress, and a standalone unit within the maritime and coastguard agency to focus on attracting more ships to be British registered.

The study also encouraged better leadership from government and industry to identify skill gaps and increase apprenticeships in the sector, and create an industry body to promote the UK maritime sector globally.

It identified innovation, clustering and stability as three themes that support the growth of the UK maritime sector.

"Our maritime history is something Britain can be proud of, but the sector is taking us into the future"

The report concludes that the UK has a strong ‘maritime offer,’ and both industry and government should come forward to promote the UK businesses internationally.

Mountevans said: "This report is the culmination of months of work involving widespread engagement and detailed research.

"The result is a ‘call to arms’ to industry and government to actively support and raise the profile of a vital sector that contributes significantly to the economy and which the nation relies on to meet its daily needs."

The London International Shipping Week event comprises of the top 200 maritime firms and international decision makers who explore plans for business with the UK.

Image: Shipping Minister Robert Goodwill at the London Stock Exchange. Photo: courtesy of Crown copyright.