Medium Voltage Power Drive

Wartsila has launched its next generation Medium Voltage Power Drive technology for electric propulsion vessels.

The new medium voltage unit is expected to facilitate the delivery of electro and automation systems for large, electric propulsion vessels, including drilling rigs and tankers, large passenger and cruise ships, various offshore service vessels, and also compressors and pumps for the oil & gas industry.

The addition of the new technology to Wartsila’s existing low voltage power drive range will further enhance its total solutions offering to the shipping industry.

Wartsila vice president of ship power technology Juhani Hupli said that the new power drive is more advanced than the power drive currently being offered to the shipping sector.

"It is one more step in our continued efforts to shorten the route to lower costs and increased profits for our customers," Hupli said.

Wartsila’s new Medium Voltage Power drive is especially designed for marine applications, while the previous units in this range were first developed for land-based applications.

Designed for marine applications, the new medium voltage unit can be easily installed and maintained, while also providing personnel safety.

The new technology will enable the company to provide medium voltage Low Loss Concept (LLC) solutions with increased efficiency and redundancy, thereby leading to reduced fuel consumption and low operating costs.

Work on the new medium voltage unit started in 2009 at the company’s R&D facilities in Norway, with the sales scheduled to commence in 2012, while an internal pilot is expected to be installed in early 2013 and an external pilot by the end of 2013.

Based on the press-pack IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology with 3-level PWM inverter control, the new unit has large overload capacity, integrated gate driver boards, and a plug-in bus bar connection.

According to the company, the new medium voltage unit can be used as a control device in several marine propulsion and thrusters applications, and also in large fans, pumps, compressors and hoists.

Image: Wartsila’s new medium voltage power drive technology will facilitate the delivery of electro and automation systems for large, electric propulsion vessels.