Wärtsilä Moss inert gas generators

Wärtsilä has secured a contract from South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries (Shi ) to deliver inert gas systems for installation on a floating storage unit (FSU) and a pair of shuttle tankers.

SHI is currently building all three vessels; the FSU will be delivered to Norwegian energy firm Statoil, while the two tankers are for Singapore-based petroleum transportation firm AET Tanker Holdings and will be used to support the FSU.

Wärtsilä is scheduled to deliver the inert gas generator systems, which are used to prevent the gas mixture in cargo tanks or bunkers from reaching an dangerous ignition level, by October 2013.

The systems have been designed for offshore applications, with the nitrogen generators allowing for larger capacities.

Inert gas maintains the oxygen content of the tank atmosphere below 8%, making the air and hydrocarbon gas mixture in the tank lean to prevent ignition.

According to Wärtsilä, this procedure is required during discharging when additional hydrocarbon vapour is likely to be present in the atmosphere, and it is also required during the ballast voyage.

The system can also be used for removing volatile components in the tank to prepare for gas freeing.

Wärtsilä won a contract from SHI in March 2013 to supply a series of pumps for the new FSU.

The new FSU is expected to operate on the Heidrun oil and gas field in the Norwegian Sea until at least 2045.

Image: Wärtsilä will deliver the inert gas generator systems to Samsung in October 2013. Photo: Wärtsilä.