Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions (WTS) and Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) have collaborated to provide a complete package of safety solutions for newbuilds and existing vessels.

The new safety service developed by both companies will offer safety solutions based on the new Unitor brand to keep vessels, rigs and platforms safe and compliant throughout their working lives.

Both companies will jointly provide products and services across a range of applications and vessel types, with the ability to supply, install, inspect and service safety installations to the same standard worldwide.

Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions VP of sales Mark Germain said: "By working together, WTS and WSS are able to provide our customers with safety systems, products, services and maintenance for the lifetime of their vessel, rig or platform."

Safety range services to be provided by WTS and WSS include fire and smoke detection, prevention and suppression systems, portable and stored extinguishers, cabinets, consumables and spare parts.

They will also offer personal safety equipment like breathing apparatus, head protection and fire protective clothing.

Life rafts and lifesaving equipment, including SOLAS-compliant lifejackets, immersion suits and liferafts are also provided under the safety range services.

The two companies will also offer medical equipment, oxygen systems and automatic external defibrillators, as well as environmental equipment like oil spill kits, sorbents and booms.