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Route causes: Peel Ports’ Patrick Walters discusses the Cargo200 initiative

UK port operator Peel Ports is calling on freight and logistics companies to alter supply chain and services routes to minimise freight mileage by 200m miles over the next five years. Julian Turner talks to Patrick Walters, Peel Ports’ group commercial director, about the Cargo200 campaign.

Cargo overboard – salvaging the problem of lost shipping containers

A recent survey found that, on average, 1,679 containers are lost at sea each year, but how accurate are these figures and what is being done to reduce them?

Smart cruising: a look inside Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas

Featuring online check-in, a robotic bar, RFID-based passenger services and one of the world’s most advanced entertainment systems, Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is billed as the first ‘smart ship’. Cruise Critic UK editor Adam Coulter talks about his experience on the maiden voyage and whether the cruise liner lives up to expectations.

Modern cruising – the ultimate customised in-cabin experience

With virtual balconies, customised apps and high tech in-room gadgetry, the cruise industry is personalising and upgrading the in-cabin experience in innovative ways that makes modern cruising almost unrecognisable from its former self – and there’s more to come.

Taking action on ferry safety

When the MV Sewol ferry capsized in April 2014, around 300 of the 500 passengers were killed. Many of the victims were school children from Danwon High School, near Seoul, and just 16 or 17 years of age – a terrible tragedy that sent shockwaves around the world and especially through the international maritime community.

How to #Getshippingtrending

Shipping PR firm Jeanius Consulting picked up Marketme’s #SmartSocial award earlier this year for its innovative use of social media. Managing director, Jean Winfield, discusses the best way for shipping firms to improve their social media strategies, why numbers aren’t everything and the reasons the industry has lagged behind.

Are unmanned cargo ships on the horizon?

As unmanned and automated technologies continue to advance on land and in the air, Rolls-Royce’s marine division is looking to implement the idea at sea with its recent unveiling of a draft design for an unmanned cargo vessel that would be run from a land-based control centre. The technology has the potential to revolutionise the industry, but there are huge regulatory hurdles to overcome. Could unmanned vessels be the future of shipping, and what effects could this sea-change have on the industry?