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Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including conflict, geopolitics, defence and sport.

Houthi attacks trigger “environmental disaster” and rising freight rates

The attack on the UK-owned carrier left an “18-mile oil slick” in the Gulf of Aden, threatening marine ecosystems and freight prices.

Trinidad and Tobago oil spill impacts food security, industry, carnival

The oil tanker spill has affected “eco-sensitive areas” vital for Tobago’s food security and economy amid Carnival celebrations.

Red Sea: cross-sector supply chain disruption for “a few months at least”

The Houthis’ Red Sea ship attacks and US-UK airstrikes are affecting transport, energy, financial and automotive supply chains.

Lunar New Year shortages expected in China amid Red Sea supply chain crisis

Houthi Red Sea attacks have impacted 30% of global container trade and caused transportation costs to triple.

Houthis’ “largest Red Sea attack to date” threatens global supply chains

The UK-US coalition force has repelled the Houthis’ attack, but the number of vessels crossing the Bab al-Mandeb Strait has decreased by 70%.

Signal: Hapag-Lloyd to divert Red Sea ships for another week

Maersk has also rerouted Red Sea ships following the Houthi militants’ attack over the weekend.

Signal: Singapore and Japan to develop green shipping corridor

The two nations’ memorandum of cooperation agrees to create the world’s first “green and digital” shipping corridor.

Signal: transport job hirings in Panama decline during drought

The worst drought in 73 years has forced the Panama Canal to drastically reduce ship transit slots.

Signal: Yemen’s Houthi rebels to target ships of “any nationality”

Following a spate of hijackings in the Red Sea, the Houthis have threatened any ship calling at an Israeli port.

Signal: Yemen’s Houthis hijack “Israeli ship” in the Red Sea

Armed Houthi rebels seized the British-owned, Japanese-operated ship for its alleged ties with an Israeli businessman.