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Eloise Mclennan

Ship Technology Global: Issue 30

In this issue: carbon tax vs fuel levy, the fall of the Baltic dry index, Queensland’s port developments, applications for drones in the maritime industry, tackling bullying in the workforce and more

Ship Technology Global: Issue 29

In this issue: how the shipping industry is navigating the migration crisis, the first trial of e-navigation, ballast water regulation – USCG vs IMO, BIMCO’s cyber security guidelines and more

Ship Technology Global: Issue 27

In this issue: Amsterdam’s new sea lock, technology trends in maintenance, a look inside the Norwegian Escape, Port of Willemstad redevelopment, how shipping can become a part of the climate solution, a new approach to booking ocean freight and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 25

In this issue: Australia’s controversial new shipping legislation, strategies for growth in the UK’s maritime sector, South Korea’s shipbuilding decline, the latest in wind power propulsion, transformative technologies in ship design, and more