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Target oil and gas – pirate’s new booty in Southeast Asia

Pirates operating in the seas of Southeast Asia are cashing in on the high prices and taxes on fuel by hijacking tankers and siphoning oil onto stolen vessels before selling it on to criminal organisations. With the number of incidents occurring in 2014 to date dwarfing those reported in previous years, authorities are investigating ways to combat this type of crime in the region, and the possibility of insider involvement.

Mambo, heavy metal and murder – themed holidays launch a new era of cruises

The cruise industry is going through a renaissance as operators try to capture new markets and escape dated cruise clichés such as deck games and discos. A new range of cruise concepts has something for all tastes, whether dressing up as your favourite Lord of the Rings character, head-banging to heavy metal or learning to Foxtrot.

Cold, hard facts – how melting Arctic ice will open shipping opportunities

Changing Arctic Sea ice conditions will open new shipping routes through the North Polar region and enable extended summer navigability for current open-water routes by mid-century, most notably between the East Coast of the US and Asia. But a number of economic and environmental factors need to be overcome before these new opportunities for trade and development can be exploited.