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Alibaba-backed institute achieves “another Sputnik moment” in China’s battle for AI supremacy

Damo Academy – a subsidiary of ecommerce giant Alibaba – announced the latest development of its large model AI, Elles Houweling reports.

AI is turning consumer goods brands into tech ones – and customers into R&D

AI is changing many industries at breakneck speed, and the sector of fast-moving consumer goods is no exception.

Show us the money: Sustainable finance tech for COP26 to think about

COP26 is likely to bring more power to the net-zero movement. But what changes can sustainable technology bring?

Overtourism and sustainability in the post-Covid, COP26 era: Should travel be only for the rich?

The world may be ever so slowly reopening after Covid, but the familiar scourge of overtourism is back to haunt the travel sector.