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Glenn Barklie is chief economist at Investment Monitor and head of FDI services at Global Data Media. He was previously with Financial Times, where he was the head of benchmarking services for fDi Intelligence. With almost 15 years’ experience in FDI and economic development, he has worked with many government agencies and corporates, specialising in location benchmarking, rankings and investment trends as well as managing FDI databases.

FDI in logistics in 2021: The state of play

FDI in logistics experienced a decline in 2021 after a steep rise the previous year, but which countries and regions were the ones receiving FDI?

Global FDI Annual Report 2022: Volatility set to continue

Global greenfield FDI levels returned to pre-Covid-19 pandemic levels, with the number of projects growing by 18% in 2021, according to Investment Monitor’s Global FDI Annual Report 2022.

FDI in logistics: The state of play

Foreign direct investment in logistics rose in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but which countries and regions drove this growth?

Which countries rely on Russian trade?

Russia’s presence as a key global trade partner could be coming to an end. However, many countries still rely heavily on Russian trade.

The impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on trade

In 2020, Ukraine imported $54bn worth of goods and exported $49bn. The Russian invasion will not only affect Ukraine’s trade flows but also global flows as sanctions are placed on Russia.

Which multinational companies are most exposed to the Ukraine-Russia conflict?

What does the Ukraine-Russia conflict mean for the many multinational companies that have subsidiaries in these countries?