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Autonomous technology sea trial heralds a revolution in shipping

Successful NYK autonomous technology sea trial of a 71,000 ton vessel is a big step towards a revolution in crewless shipping.

MSC plans ultra-luxury brand as it vies for super rich

MSC Cruises’ ultra-luxury vessels are due to come into service in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026.

P&O day-into-night visits target experiential travellers

53% of 18-24-year-olds would rather spend on new experiences than new products, according to GlobalData.

Ballast must now be comprehensively planned and embraced

The IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) has reinforced regulations requiring all ships to install ballast water management systems (BWMS). Dr Stelios Kyriacou, general manager of BALPURE® BWMS at De Nora, considers what this means for the shipping industry.

Rough waters ahead when it comes to cyber risks

As the maritime industry is going through transformational change, it faces different risk exposures and a raft of new challenges. Sarah Stephens, partner and head of cyber at JLT Specialty, considers the issue of cyber incidents in the shipping industry.

Australia fights to boost domestic shipping

Australian unions have launched a new campaign ‘to save Australian shipping’, at a time when the number of Aussie-flagged vessels continues to decline and jobs are being offshored. Abi Millar looks at the threats to Australian maritime labour and ask what the campaign aims to achieve.

Will augmented reality transform shipping?

Augmented reality is set to have a profound effect on the way companies do business and it won’t be long before shipping companies begin using the technology to improve business processes and efficiencies. Alexander Buchmann, managing director at Hanseaticsoft, explains where this transformation could be felt.

Redefining piracy: the risk of poor IT security in shipping

Connecting mission-critical technologies to the internet combines both risk and reward. Jalal Bouhdada, founder and principal ICS security consultant at Applied Risk, discusses the risk posed by unsecured VSAT communication links in the maritime sector.

Polluted cruises: how bad is air quality on ships?

An undercover investigation has found that passengers on cruise ships could be exposed to harmful levels of pollution, in the form of ultrafine particles. Abi Millar takes a look at the dangers and asks what is the cruise sector is doing to combat the problem?

The tides of change: why the marine engineering sector must adapt

Shipping has allowed us to adapt to new challenges and seek new opportunities down the millennia, and while the circumstances may change the need to innovate is ever present. William Gibby, technical Director at MAATS Tech, explains why a changing energy landscape could be the catalyst for a whole new generation of ships.