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The silver bullet for mastering modern manufacturing trends: steel

Reconciling the many – often competing – demands of a modern architectural project can complicate the progress from blueprint to building. Using the right kind of materials makes all the difference

How digital technologies are transforming maritime operations management systems

A robust product lifecycle management (PLM) system can support the technological revolution underway in the maritime industry. Using low code, development manufacturers can accelerate digital transformations by modernising systems and making operations more efficient

Sustainable cities: The continued rise of decarbonised steel in construction

Rising demand for sustainability has led to a surge in interest in ESG-compliant manufacturing. Steel-using firms are changing their manufacturing supply chains to demonstrate their credentials as net-zero producers

Product Lifecycle Management solutions: the productivity silver bullet for modern naval architects 

Naval architects face a mass of competing priorities when navigating increasingly complex modern ship builds. Recent software advancements are providing some much-needed assistance

The five productivity killers for engineers in the shipbuilding industry

As modern ships become increasingly complex, shipbuilders must grapple with growing requirements around sustainability, production efficiency and cost. They need to ingrain smooth ways of working to keep productivity at its peak

Why ballistic and protection steels are ideal for military or civil applications

Uses for ballistic and protection steel – once a military-exclusive material – are growing. Top of the range protective steel has become increasingly accessible and increasingly necessary for a range of sectors and businesses

The lifeblood of modern naval architecture: data

Novel market and regulatory pressures mean naval architects must think creatively. Placing data at the heart of design processes offers a route for doing so

Multidisciplinary design: How naval architects today are creating the ships of tomorrow

Today’s naval architects need fully integrated digital design systems that allow for collaboration, coordination, and simulation to keep pace with modern ship design.

How simulation saves money and adds value in the ship design process

Maximising efficiency, keeping costs down, hitting ESG goals – naval architects face a growing checklist of requirements. Ticking every box necessitates a revamped approach to ship design that emphasises simulation

Why ship designers in a rapidly evolving industry must rethink their approach

The shipbuilding industry is under pressure: environmental targets must be met, new technology incorporated, and prices kept competitive. Integrating disjointed digitalisation efforts could hold the key for designers on the front line.