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Poseidon principles: big banks align to launch new green charter for shipping

A selection of the world’s biggest banks have joined forces with the Global Maritime Forum and other industry leaders to develop the Poseidon Principles, a world-first global agreement among financial institutions seeking to decarbonise shipping. Will it work?

The bizarre world of art auctions at sea

Art auctions on cruise ships are popular with passengers but have been marred by past scandals, with lawsuits over fake artwork and lengthy delays in shipment. Here’s a look at some of the most notable cases of deception and what changes have been made to better protect passengers.

Cleaning up ports: from Oslo to California

From underwater drones in Norway to an Australian-designed floating rubbish bin, tech companies and port authorities are increasingly linking up to clean up waterways and tackle air pollution. What are the most pioneering projects and what role can local communities play in creating change?

Why are liquefied cargoes a persistent danger to ships?

Solid bulk cargoes – defined as granular materials loaded directly into a ship’s hold – can suddenly turn from a solid state into a liquid state in a process known as liquefaction. IMO guidelines exist to instruct shippers on how to avoid the potential dangers, so why does liquefaction remain such a menace?

Where would a no-deal Brexit leave UK seafarers?

The UK Government has released guidance on how it plans to manage a ‘no-deal’ Brexit with regards to maritime workers, but many argue it provides inadequate assurances over recognition of UK seafarers’ certificates in Europe. UK Chamber of Shipping policy director Tim Springett explains how worried seafarers should be.

On-board with theDOCK innovation hub

theDOCK innovation hub, an Israeli business and technology accelerator, promises to ‘accelerate your start-up to an ocean of possibilities.’ But what does that mean in practice and who are some of the maritime companies benefiting from its experience?

Backing biofuels: will the shipping industry ever get on board?

Years after biofuels were first raised as an option for the marine industry, uptake remains incredibly limited. Will a new IMO agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the shipping sector drive uptake, or will the industry continue to look the other way?

Mediterranean migrants and Italy: bad news for shippers too?

In June, Italy’s new coalition government announced plans to close the country’s ports to NGO rescue ships following concerns over mass migration. Now the International Chamber of Shipping has expressed concern that similar rules may be applied to merchant vessels, damaging trade and the wellbeing of migrants and crews alike.

Ready for the spotlight: emerging ports in Africa

The potential of Africa’s shipping sector is vast, but the continent runs the risk of sacrificing growth by not investing in sufficient port terminal infrastructure. Which African ports are most likely to emerge as potential hubs? And what needs to be done to capitalise on their potential?

200 years of the Sailors’ Society

In March, the Sailors’ Society celebrated its 200th anniversary. Patrick Kingsland sat down with the society’s CEO, Stuart Rivers, to look back on two centuries of service to seafarers, and ask how the organisation supports maritime workers today.