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Susanne Hauner

Future Cruise: A new digital magazine for the cruise industry

Future Cruise is a free digital magazine available online and for iPads. In the first issue we take a look at the hottest cruise trends, new cruise liners, the next level in personalising the onboard experience, how operators are improving their environmental performance, what specialist shipbuilders have to offer to the cruise sector, and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 28

In this issue: Inside GE’s new Marine branch, a new model for green cruise ships, improving the supply chain for LNG, plans for a bunkering hub in Mauritius, what the Maritime Labour Convention has achieved so far, Mercy Ships’ expansion plans and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 26

In this issue: The UK’s new polar research ship, why shore-side power needs a boost, predictive maintenance with GE Marine, simulation training for emergency crews, the cruise industry steps up its culinary game, recruiting the next generation of seafarers and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 22

In this issue: Turbocharging the world’s biggest container ships, the future of LNG as a shipping fuel, Gulf ports gear up for business, the UK’s push for supply chain efficiencies, the Chinese shipbreaking market, and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 21

In this issue: The Marshall Islands’ push for global shipping emission targets, how the industry is preparing for e-navigation, insights into fuel efficiency from Maersk, how cruise operators are scoring for sustainability, a look at Anthem of the Seas, the ecological impact of artificial light in harbours, and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 20

In this issue: Southeast Asia’s emerging shipbuilding hubs, innovations in port security technology, man overboard detection for the cruise industry, BlackBerry’s new offering for the container shipping market, challenges and rewards of the maritime pilot’s role and more