Maritime and engineering consultancy BMT Group’s subsidiaries BMT ARGOSS and BMT Surveys have introduced a new real and fast-time simulation tool, Rembrandt, for ship collision reconstruction.

The ship-handling and manoeuvring simulator was developed by BMT ARGOSS for use by pilots, ship operators, naval architects and port authorities.

It can be used for risk assessments, port optimisation and incident investigations.

Using this tool, the collision reconstruction and simulation team of BMT will be able to recreate incidents that involve collisions to identify the cause.

The collision reconstruction and simulation team includes experienced master mariners, chief engineers, navigation and hydrodynamic modellers, and weather experts, who are trained to reset the incident using a visual format and readily understandable process.

The simulation tool depends on voyage data recorder (VDR) information, radar images and regional AIS information with high-fidelity ship models to create 3D simulations.

"It can be used for risk assessments, port optimisation and incident investigations."

The data will be synchronised with environmental data and navigational circumstances to provide an accurate reconstruction for in-depth analysis.

Recreation of the incidents will help understand the cause of the accident and take action to improve maritime safety.

BMT will provide a detailed report and 3D visualisations for clients to take necessary actions to reduce the risk of reoccurrence, develop safety options and promote pollution prevention.

The service went live on 1 October.

Image: Rembrandt helps clients to recreate the collision incident to find out the root cause. Photo: courtesy of BMT Group Ltd.