Scandinavian Boiler Service

Ship Boiler Service, Repair and Production

With unrivalled excellence and quality Scandinavian Boiler Service provide a full-range concept of boiler systems service, repair and production all over the world. SBS’ boiler and burner divisions provide turnkey repair, service, upgrade and conversion of all makes and sizes of auxiliary and exhaust gas boilers as well as their combustion and automation systems on trading vessels, FPSO, offshore and land based industrial boilers.

Ship boiler service, repair and production

Our experienced project organization works closely with our customers and possess the expertise to advise and conduct any task from inspections, planning and engineering to preparation and execution of the job and training of operating crew. SBS is available 24 hours a day and takes pride in offering fast and reliable service from our hubs on the marine trade routes.

Ship boiler onboard repair services

A signature service of SBS is our highly skilled boiler repair squads who travel with a vessel and undertake even complex repairs during the voyage. SBS supply temporary oil-fired boilers or install portable steam drums and pre-fabricated by-pass to keep the systems operational and avoid unnecessary delays and port stays.

Global boiler repair concept

With several boiler repair workshops strategically located around the world, SBS is able to service our customers with local repair and production of repair materials whenever urgent needs arise anywhere on the globe. All facilities and personnel hold relevant classification certificates and SBS workshops around the world produce high quality boiler and burner replacement parts while our spare parts specialists secure efficient sourcing of parts – directly from SBS workshop or the OEM manufacturers.

Boiler and pressure vessel production

SBS also engage in production of boilers and pressure vessels to a wide range of industries. Our production partners are certified according to all relevant standards including ISO9001, ASME U+S and a list of marine classification societies. The certificates and implemented QA procedures ensure that we can live up to the most stringent quality requirements to manufacturing found in both marine-, offshore- and land based industries.

Boiler emission monitoring

SBS also offer monitoring instruments for emission control, gas and air analysis, and boiler protection. SBS Technology's product line is cost-effective and designed to present the necessary monitoring data and provide safety interlocks in an effective and uncomplicated way. Scandinavian Boiler Service creates value by always being available and by working closely together with our customers with the shared goal of keeping their boiler systems operational.

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